Marlborough Sounds Water Taxi Orders

Picton FreshChoice provides a shopping/delivery service to Marlborough Sounds residents, Bach owners/occupiers, and businesses for several years within our ‘Sounds Orders Department’. We now offer this via our Online Shopping Service!

When Placing an Online Order we require the Delivery Address :

eg. Property Name/Jetty Number, Bay, Sound. This information must be entered in at the Pick-Up Notes at checkout.

Order Cut Off Time:

To ensure delivery, orders must be received by 12pm the day before the order is required.

Water Taxi Details:

It is the customer's responsibility to arrange a water taxi for delivery. There are a number of companies (listed below).  Different companies run different delivery times/days to various bays. We suggest contacting them directly, to discuss where your delivery is to go & they will tell you the delivery times/prices. The Available Delivery Times are available to select when picking which boat company you are using in the checkout screen. 

Contact Details of Water Taxis:

Daily Taxis:

  • Cougar Line Cruises 03 573 7925 Times:  7:30am/8:30am/1:00pm/5:30pm (Friday) Monday - Sunday
  • Beach Comber: 03 573 6175 Times: 7:30am/8:30am/1:00pm Monday - Sunday

Chartered Taxis: (time must be specified in order notes as per your exact booking)

  • Picton Water Taxi: 03 573 7853

Delivery Service/Fee Details:

  • We will Pick, Pack and Deliver your groceries to the specified Water Taxi for the time you have chosen. We do not organise the Water Taxi for you, so ensure you organise the taxi prior to placing your order. 
  • Our Fee for this service is $12.00 for orders under $200 and $8.00 for over $200. 


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