Attention Kenepuru Sounds and Rural Delivery customers:

02/09/2021 - Important Update:

For the next 2 weeks, the road is completely closed due to repairs therefore only Saturday morning deliveries are available (orders closed off on Friday morning at 10 am)


21/08/2021 - Kenepuru Sounds and Rural Delivery:

Your NZ Post Rural Delivery superstar Adam, has arranged the following TRIAL with us for a week to see if we can get your grocery orders out to you more regularly since the road is still closed post-flooding.

Please contact Adam directly to ensure he can deliver to your location.
Please place your online orders as below for the week beginning 22nd August - we will let you know the plan after that.
- Sunday before 10 am for Monday delivery
- Tuesday before 10 am for Wednesday delivery
- Thursday before 10 am for Friday delivery

Unfortunately, we will not be able to supply Frozen goods for these deliveries.
We hope this helps, please call our Online team if you have any questions 03 5736463 ext 2.

Kia Kaha
Heide & Hamish & FreshChoice Picton team.

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